Our Services (我們的服務)              

*各位请注意:华人中心 / 学校 的电话号码更改為:020 3345 2778   旧号码不再使用。

*NOTICE: Our Centre/ School phone number has changed to 020 3345 2778. The old number is no longer in use.


Haringey Chinese Centre provide different social, educational, cultural and welfare services to our members, helping them to improve their quality of life, and to assist them to integrate into the wider community by working together with Haringey Council and other local communities.

The provisions include:

  • Housing related support & advice service
  • Chinese Language School 
  • English classes for women
  • Health classes, health talk & health dance 
  • Interest classes
  • Youth group for young people 
  • Celebrations parties
  • Outing
  • Monitored Dosage System (blister pack) service


Housing Related Support & Advice Service 
To help our Chinese residents to access different housing related support services including welfare and benefits, tax credits, pension, education, housing applications and repairs, interpretation, translation and telephone enquires etc. 


Smart Phone Class 
Most elderly people have problems using the smartphone. They felt they can't keep up with the times and afraid to use it, which caused them missing out the fun to comunicate with friends or relatives. 


Chinese Language School
The Chinese Language School provide an excellent environment for young people who wish to learn the Chinese language and culture. 


Older People Services 
We provide health exercises, health talk and dance for the benefit and well-being of the older people. Such as sight seeing outings and Chinese New Year celebration event etc. 


English Classes and Women's Group
We provide English Class on every Wednesday for women, parents, unemployed or part-time workers to improve their English language skills.


Health Talk/Health Exercises/Joint Events
We organize various joint events, health talks, health exercises, health walks, health dance and Tui Na massage & Acupuncture etc. with other organizations and health professionals. A social health dance training class is arranged once a week on Tuesday to promote health awareness for our members. 

Pharmacy Collection Service
We working with a local chemist who collected all the prescriptions from the GPs on behalf of our service users and pack their medications into a blister box system to ensure that they are taking their daily medications safely, punctually and correctly.  

After School Club
We provide English and Mathematics tuition classes for our students to learn on Saturday afternoon.