Chinese Language School (中文学校)

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Haringey Chinese School  was established in 1987 and managed by Haringey Chinese Centre which is a non-profit charity organisation.

We aim to:

  • enable the younger generation to learn the Chinese language and culture;
  • enhance their listening, reading, speaking and writing abilities;
  • help them develop their moral and intellectual development;
  • guide them towards achieving excellent IGCSE results.
  • increase their awareness and understanding of families’ values, communities involvements and integration into mainstream societies;

Our teachers have a vast experience in teaching and attend regular training annually. Teachers are concentrating on 5 areas of skills to teach including listening,  reading, speaking, translation and writing in order to help our students to reach their full potentials of learning and meeting the requirements of our school’s curriculum. We provide teaching assistants and volunteers for our teachers to help them managing their classes more effectively and efficiently towards achieving good academic performance.  We also help to shape up our students' moral and intellectual development, increasing their awareness and understanding of family values, encouraging them to participate and make positive contributions to the wider mainstreams community and its environment.

We have a School Parents/Teachers Group and a School Governors’ Sub-Committee Board to promote good management, better communication and involvement between parents, teachers, pupils and staff.  Sharing opinions, comments and ideas with each others will ensure transparency, improvement and effectiveness of running the Chinese school. Every year,  most of our students have achieved excellent academic results in Edexcel IGCSE June Examination. 


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Enrolment Now 2022-2023 New Academic Year Registration

Haringey Chinese School will start face to face virtual classroom teaching classes for the Year 1 students, the Year 4 students and the Year 8 (IGCSE) students. The rest of other classes including Year 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 will continue to use online teaching this year. 

Instead of hiring classrooms from the Park View School, the Year 1, the Year 4 and the Year 8 classroom teachings will be held in our Chinese Centre at 211 Langham Road, N15 3LH in order to cut down the Chinese school’s running costs. 

Class time: Both physical classrooms teaching and online teaching will be started from Saturday, 10th September, 2022 from 10:30 am to 12:30 noon as usual. 

The school fee for this year (from 10-09-2022 to 24-06-2023) per student will be: (1)  Year 1 to Year 6 = £230, and (2) Year 7 & Year 8 (IGCSE) = £250 

School fees can be payable via BACS payments or personally come to our Centre at Langham Road N15 3LH for cash payment and registration.


School Fee Policy & Discount for additional child in the same family 


- School fee refund policy: Students wishing to cancel their enrolment must notify the school of the withdrawal within 14 days after the starting date (10th September 2022) of school.

The refund costs will be included minimum £50 for administration fee, plus the deduction of any relevant costs incurred.  No refunds will be available after September 2022.

- Discount for additional child: 2nd child in the same family - deduct £10,   3rd child in the same family - deduct £25, and 4th child or above in the same family - deduct £40.  
Register and information at our Chinese Centre between 10:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday, Tel: 0208 8818649. 



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* Many thanks to Pitkin's Family -  Donation to our Chinese School since 2017 for memorising her mother - Madam Choong Siu Pheng.*


 { To Memorise Madam Choong Siu Pheng }


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* Other donors to our school: *


- Mr Eng Bee Lim is the tutor of mathematics subject from our after school club, he's been donated to Chinese School once a year since 2017


- Bank of East Asia UK & UKAPCE Organization both has been sponsored the school scholarship since 2014


- Wing Yip Chinese Supermarket has been sponsored our school summer fete's events since 2014


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Click here:  School Calendar Year 2022 - 2023



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School Online Teaching Time: Saturday - 10:30 to 12:30pm (2 hours)

Currently our Saturday Chinese School provides:

Mandarin Classes - Year 1 to Year 8 (IGCSE) level (age from 5 – 18 years old) 


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School activities: (Not during online class)

  • Assembly and Parent's Day
  • Chinese Calligraphy, drawing and competitions
  • Academic Ceremonies & Summer Fete


After School activities: 

  • Youth Group
  • Tuition for Maths & English 


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School Governor Sub-Committee Board

Mr Keith Ho, Ms Men Ling Chen, Mr Gavin Fung and Hoi Yat Tsoi 


School Headteacher

Mr Raymond Yip


School Administrator

Ms Lilia Chiu


School Sub-Committee

Headteacher: Mr Raymond Yip          Administrator: Ms Lilia Chiu            Recreation: Ms Winnie Li


School Parents/Teachers Association 

Chair: Ms Men Ling Chen                   Vice Chair: Ms Winnie Li   

Other members: Mr H Y Cai, Ms A F Lin



School Teachers 

Year 1: Ms Yi Lan Chen                Year 2: Ms Lina Xu                   

Year 3: Ms Zhong Lin Wang          Year 4: Ms Winnie Li 

Year 5: Ms Amy Wang                   Year 6: Ms Hui Juan Chen              

Year 7: Mr Shao Bin Zheng          Year 8 (IGCSE Class): Ms Ying Gao 



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School address: 

Teaching venue: Haringey Chinese School, 211 Langham Road, London, N15 3LH


Nearest Tube Station: Turnpike Lane (Piccadilly Line) 

Bus: 29, 41, 67, 79, 123, 144, 184, 217, 221, 230, W4


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Telephone: 0208 881 8649



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学习区 Student Learning Zone:


讲故事时间 Story time laughing


 1. 你好 Hello there:


2. 哥妹俩成语故事 Brother and sister idiom story:


3. 不守规则的大灰狼 Big bad wolf:


4. 我去刷牙 I go to brush my teeth:


5. 数金鱼 Counting gold fish:


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2019 School Awards, End of Year Ceremony & Performances

Head+Class Teachers Performance:

Class 1-

Class 2a-

Class 2b-

Class 3b-

Class 4a-

Class 4b-

Class 5-


2018 School Awards, End of Year Ceremony & Summer Fete 

23.06.2018 All performances: 
Head+Class Teachers Performance:

Class 1b-

Class 2a-

Class 2b-

Class 3a-

Class 3b-

Class 4a-

Class 4b-

Class 5- +

whole class- 

Class 6-



2017 School Awards, End of Year Ceremony & Summer Fete 

24.06.2017 Student performances: 

Class 1a-

Class 1b-

Class 2a-

Class 2b-

Class 3a-

Class 3b-

Class 4a-

Class 4b-

Class 5a-

Class 5a- violin

Class 5b-

24.06.2017 all photos:



2013 + 2014 School Awards, End of Year Ceremony & Summer Fete 


新年贺年卡及龙舟设计比赛 New Year Card & Dragon Boat Competition 


学校旅行及其他活动 School outing & other activities 


舞蹈组 School dance group in dockland performances 



夏令营 School summer play


天才表演音乐会 Musical Talent Show


儿童功夫班 Kung Fu Class