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 Cornwall Newquay Leisure Weekend紐基週末休閒遊      20/10/2017(星期五)出發

每人£195     票價

Sandy Lodge Hotel 酒店提供4天/ 3晚的晚餐住宿和早餐, 一次游览锡利群岛, 时间探索迷人的纽基纽基海滨度假胜地

行程如下 -
热情的当地人,令人惊叹的大西洋海滩,特殊的野生动物和令人惊叹的乘船游览 - 有很多理由参观锡利群岛!你可以预期一些在英国最惊人的大西洋冲浪的海滩。
圣艾夫斯,Lands End&Penzance-全天 - 在美丽的海滩和丰富的历史的康沃尔文化之地!
沿着海岸旅行,我们将参观圣艾夫斯(St Ives),这是一个美丽的获奖海滩小镇,拥有有才华的艺术家,精美的商店和有趣的博物馆。之后,我们将通过Lands'End,英国最西南角的地块,与岩石峭壁,海洋喷雾和戏剧性海洋的混合。最后,我们将在彭赞斯(彭赞斯)停留,这是一座历史悠久的港口,可以欣赏到圣迈克尔山的美景。
康沃尔郡和波尔多克乡村St Ives,Lands End&Penzance - 全天 - 穿过BBC系列Poldark著名的康沃尔景点。
首先,前往Padstow,以其悬崖峭壁和美丽的骆驼河口和Tregirls海滩未受破坏的景色而闻名。波尔达克的虚构的南帕布湾(Nampara Cove),宽阔的沙滩的美丽难以置信。下来,探索野生的Bodmin Moor,崎岖的乡村是戏剧性故事线的完美搭档。最后,前往圣奥斯特尔(圣奥斯特尔的)附近的查尔斯顿,原来的二级上市港是这个令人兴奋的十八世纪戏剧的完美背景。


20/10/2017        Newquay Leisure Weekend£195per person

4 days/3 nights’ dinner bed and breakfast staying at the Sandy Lodge Hotel

Itinerary as follows –

Holiday Highlights
Friendly, welcoming locals, stunning Atlantic beaches, exceptional wildlife and awe-inspiring boat trips – there are so many reasons to visit the Isles of Scilly! You can expect some of the most stunning Atlantic-washed beaches in the UK, wildlife to make your jaw drop, fun boat trips, great places to eat and wonderful walks.

What's included...
Three nights dinner, bed & breakfast

One excursion to the Isles of Scilly

Time to explore the charming seaside resort of Newquay


Travel throughout

Excursions (can be amended)

St Ives, Lands End & Penzance - Full Day - to the land of Cornish culture with beautiful beaches and plenty of history!

Travelling along the coast, we'll visit St Ives, a beautiful award-winning beach town with talented artists, fantastic shops and interesting museums. Afterwards, we'll pass Lands' End, the UKs most South-Western point with a dramatic blend of rocky cliffs, ocean sprays and dramatic seas. Finally, we'll stop at Penzance, a historic port with stunning views over the sea to St Michael's Mount..

Cornwall & Poldark Country – Full Day – journeying through the famous Cornwall sights featured on the BBC series, Poldark.

First, we’ll travel to Padstow, famed for its soaring cliffs and unspoilt views across the beautiful Camel Estuary and Tregirls Beach. The beauty of the wide sandy beach is hard to miss in Poldark’s fictional Nampara Cove. Next, we’re off to explore the wild Bodmin Moor and the rugged countryside is the perfect partner to the dramatic story lines. Finally, we’ll head to Charlestown – near St Austell’s – where the original Grade II Listed harbour is the perfect backdrop for this exciting 18th Century drama.

• Departure times as indicated. Drop off late afternoon/early evening on return.
• Via main roads and motorways.


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马医师(Sam Ma)义务为大家每星期开设养生班,与大家练习武术气功,修养精神。他会教授易筋经,五禽戏和太极拳等等的养生之道。


会员65岁以上每次 £1会员65岁以下每星期 £5


Health and Wellness Qi Gong Class:

Dr Sam Ma will be volunteering his time to give a weekly class on how to practise breathing and teach tai-chi etc. The class includes ' Yi-Jin Jingof Budhidharma', 'Wu Qin Xi ' (Five-Animal Exercises), suitable for everyone who looking for good health.

Every Monday & Friday at 6.30pm     


Over aged 65 - £1 per session,

Under aged 65 - £5 per week.


If you are interested, please register/contact our Centre on 0208 881 8649.    



Join to our membership £5 per year for single member, £8 per year for family member.                                  

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