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Event: 'Advice Service 諮詢服務' Print
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Date: Tuesday, August 18, 2020 - 10:00
Duration: 7 Hours
Repeat Event: Repeat every Tuesday until June 21, 2021

由於夏靈基區市政府20198月開始不再資助諮詢服務因此,會員使用諮詢服務每次都要收費; 以最少每半小時£5計算(只看信),其他事項每半小時£10,如此類推。諮詢服務不提供有關移民,生意上,申請貸款或作擔保人等等的服務。如用者不禮貌對待任何員工/會員,


Due to the Haringey Council Contract Funding terminated. Our advice service are charging £5 per half hour for interpret letters only. For other advice services are £10 per half hour and so on.        

Be sure to provide true information when using this service. We do not provideadvice or help on immigration issues, business related matters, assistance on getting a mortgage/credit reference or as a guarantor.